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TN70 and music. They both share elements of rhythm, volume, and melody. The rhythm of constant big litters, the volume of strong vital offspring and the melody of the excellent mothering abilities. 

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Prolific  *  Strong  * Social

Mother of the most profitable finishers

In our vision, the perfect sow meets the requirements of the most demanding pig producers. And fulfills the demands of society for sustainable pig production.

To realize this vision, we don’t take the easy road. Millions are spent every year on R&D to search for innovative genetic improvement. Millions of performance records are added to our database for the most accurate selection.

TN70 is the culmination of these breeding efforts.
It is our proposition to you…our customers, pig producers worldwide.

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Piglet productivity
Mothering ability
Finisher efficiency
Lean meat

TN70 global sales

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40 countries * 2 million gilt sales per year

The #1 sow in the world

Production and market conditions

For the most demanding pig producers
Driven by efficiency and profitability. Ambitious and future-oriented.

Integrated businesses
Balanced breeding focus with a real farm to fork approach, including production efficiency, carcass value and meat quality.

In-house gilt replacement
Produce your own TN70 replacement gilts with our InGene concept for maximum biosecurity

Extensive geographical distribution
Suitable for production under a wide range of climatic conditions

Housing systems of today and tomorrow
Adapted to the systems of today and bred for the improved welfare systems of the future

Download our infographic below and see for yourself why the TN70 is the world’s #1 sow. Use the contact form to invite our account managers to do the calculation at your own business.   

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    No. 1. Parent Female
    TN70 established as the industry no. 1 parent female with satisfied customers all around the globe!
    CT-scanning for Z-line
    CT scanning implemented for Z-line at Delta Canada
    Worldwide launch
    Worldwide launch of TN70
    CT-scanning for Norsvin Landrace
    CT scanning implemented for Norsvin Landrace at Delta Norway
    Piglet survival breeding goals
    Selection for piglet survival in breeding goal of both lines
    Selection reproduction traits
    Selection for reproduction traits in both lines led to fast progress in litter size
    introduction Z-line
    Creation of the Z-line
    Introduction Norsvin Landrace
    Creation of Norsvin Landrace. Strong breeding focus on finisher efficiency

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    Norsvin Landrace, one of the component lines of TN70, plays an important role in this.
    The non-traditional development of this line has been essential for what it is today. In contrast to other commercial maternal lines, this breed has a long history of selection for finishing efficiency in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. It wasn’t until the 1990s that breeding goals changed more in the direction of maternal productivity. Based on US powerhouse customer feedback, no other maternal breed provides more pigs and heavier weaning weights, with such an enormous contribution to its offspring’s feed efficiency, lean growth potential and carcass quality.

    Compared to other sows on the market, TN70 grows faster, reaches puberty at heavier weights, is mated leaner and has less body reserves during her lifetime production cycle. Therefore, more focus is needed on maintaining body fat and weight during the reproductive cycle and to minimize fat and weight fluctuations. To minimize lactation condition losses, nutrient intake during lactation needs to be maximized. Diets should be balanced so that all nutrients are provided in the correct proportions for nutritional requirements and energy balance. Our Technical Service department have developed an online tool for our customers that offers the possibility to make a comparison between the average sow herd condition and the recommendations for sow condition by Topigs Norsvin. The Topigs Norsvin Feed Tool is available at:

    The excellent mothering abilities of TN70 allow you to produce more output per farrowing pen with less labor. Many functional teats reduce the need for cross fostering, which saves labor time and farrowing space for productive sows.
    Heavy birth weights and high milk production boost piglet growth. Heavier piglets at weaning makes the transition to the nursery much easier with less health issues.
    Finally, you’re offering a more valuable product to the finisher producer, considering the high genetic potential of TN70 pigs for finisher efficiency and lean growth

    In the breeding program of TN70, our focus is both on improving quantity and quality. With increasing numbers of piglets born, we make sure that litter uniformity and piglet survival will never be compromised. The same goes for sow longevity. These type of traits will receive even more emphasis towards the future.
    Sow behavior is another area that will receive more and more attention. Improved animal welfare on farms will require sows that are able to produce optimally under these conditions. We anticipate on this on our nucleus farms, that have loose housing, pen farrowing, and no tail docking.

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